Transition for Special Education Students

Transition for Special Education Students

Cluster XII - Transition and Employment for Students with Disabilities

Texas Transition and Employment Guid

Texas Transition and Employment Guide Spanish 2014.pdf

Recent Legislation (SB 617) from the 2013 Texas Legislative Session ask that each District or Shared Service Arrangement (SSA) identify a contact person for parents of children with disabilities and students with disabilities, to serve as the point of contact for transition and employment services for students enrolled in special education programs. Mrs. D. Jarvis is that contact person for the Cluster XII Special Education Coop - comprised of Cotulla Independent School District - Dilley Independent School District - Pearsall Independent School District

Planning for Successful Transition

Effective transition planning is a coordinated process. To maximize the benefit of transition to post-high school activities, case managers, along with the student's guardians, teachers and transition coordinator, take into consideration the individual's needs, expressed desires, and capabilities.

  • Efforts are made to ensure students' interests, goals, and strengths guide the planning process.  This is done through interest inventory applications and interviews.
  • Students are involved in developing their transition plan, starting at age 14.  Their plan is revisited every year to make sure they are still on track and have not changed their career focus.
  • Students are given opportunities to develop self-determination, self-advocacy, communication, and independent living skills both in and out of the classroom through school and community organizations, and peer and staff support.
  • Interagency collaboration is encouraged. Agencies include DARS, MHMR, ARC of Texas and many more.
  • Information about the student's postsecondary goals is obtained and used to plan students' secondary coursework and choose a graduation endorsement track.
  • The classes that secondary students take should not only meet requirements for graduation from high school, but also for entering postsecondary school and/or entering the competitive workforce.


October 26, 2015 VAC Coordinator

Transition and Employment Services
VAC Coordinator
Cotulla ISD - Dilley ISD - Pearsall ISD

Deborah Jarvis

830-334-8001 ext 1143
or Leave a Message with Odilia Morales
Cluster XII Special Ed Coop
830-334-8001 ext 1132


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