Title I

 What does it mean to be a Title I school?

Things you should know.

 Pearsall ISD is a Title I School.

  • This means we receive federal funds to provide extra help for all students at Pearsall ISD.


Qualifications for a Title I School

  • The amount of money we get depends on the number of students who receive free or reduced lunch.

Advantages of being a Title I School

  • The money goes to help all students in our school.
  • It is used for teachers, tutors, after school programs, books, supplies and materials.
  • It provides opportunities for parents to receive training to help their child in school.


Ways You Can Help

  • Fill out a free lunch application is you think your family might qualify.
  • Apply now or during the school year if your family finances change.
  • Attend parent meeting sessions.
  • Volunteer in your child’s classroom regularly.


Opportunities for Parents

  • PTO Meetings
  • Parent Meeting Sessions
  • Volunteer in School/Classrooms


As a Title I School, we rely on the partnership between school and home to ensure that our students succeed.We hope you will feel welcome to be a part of your child’s school experience and a part of the success of Pearsall ISD.