Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pearsall ISD Police Officers really Police Officers? 

Yes, Pearsall ISD Police Officers are really Police Officers. They are commissioned by the Board of Trustees of the District. The authority to commission police officers comes from the Texas Education Code under section 37.081. The Board of Trustees sets the jurisdiction and scope of duties for school district police. School District police are authorized to enforce all laws and may arrest individuals found in violation of those laws.

Additionally, traffic safety has become a leading concern, surrounding student safety while traveling to and from schools and district programs. Pearsall ISD Officers may write both (traffic) and (non-traffic) citations for appropriate offenses that are covered by State law including offenses listed in the Texas Education Code. These citations are filed with the appropriate Justice of the Peace.

How many Pearsall ISD Police Officers are there?

There are 3 sworn officers for the school district, including the Chief of Police. In addition to sworn officers, we have non-sworn personnel consisting of security guards and records clerk.

Who do Pearsall ISD School District Officers work for?

Pearsall ISD Officers work for the district that commissions them. Under the Education Code of the State of Texas, school district police officers are supervised by the Chief of Police of the school district. This matter falls under 37.081 of the Texas Education Code. The Police Chief answers to the Superintendent or his/her designee.

What is the most common crime on campuses?

Theft is the most common type of crime. Almost daily, someone leaves a valuable item (i.e.; cell phone/electronic/digital device) unattended when they go to the lunchroom, to an adjoining classroom, to get a cup of coffee or to make a phone call. Upon their return, the item is gone. Theft can be prevented. Please do not leave anything of value unattended. Not all persons attending schools or visiting our facilities are there for an education. If you see anyone suspicious, promptly call the Pearsall ISD Police Department.

Can officers make my child get up and attend school?

No, School refusal is when a child does not want to go to school, or is afraid to go to school, or refuses to go to school. Often these children will be sick or miserable in the mornings. They want to stay at home rather than go out and do other things.