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Special Education Teacher - Resources

Texas Project Share

November 09, 2012

Knowledge knows no boundaries

We're a global online learning community where educators collaborate, share resources and showcase accomplishments.

Project Share is a collection of Web 2.0 tools and applications that provides high quality professional development in an interactive and engaging learning environment. Project Share leverages existing and new professional development resources for K-12 teachers across the state and builds professional learning communities where educators can collaborate and participate in online learning opportunities.

The mission of Project Share is to provide an interactive and engaging learning environment that offers opportunities for:

  • Communicating and disseminating information from state, region, and district levels.
  • Creating or joining common interest networks to increase teacher-to-teacher collaboration, conversations with experts, and communication with students in a secure online environment.
  • Accessing state-adopted and approved materials, including electronic textbooks and other materials developed through TEA partnerships.
  • Accessing educational resources through The New York Times Knowledge Network, McDonald Observatory StarDate, PBS Digital Learning Library, Texas PBS, and many others.
  • Accessing Texas Education on iTunes U to explore the history and cultures of Texas, view educational tutorials, and download resources for personalized learning.
  • Collaborating on the development, dissemination, and evaluation of online professional development sessions and courses.
  • Highlighting individual accomplishments through the development of ePortfolios.
  • Developing and sharing ideas and resources.


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