About Bilingual/ESL

What is the purpose of bilingual education?

The purpose of the Bilingual Education Program is to:

Help students with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) master the state curriculum; and Teach English to all participating students.


Who does the Bilingual Education Program serve?

Bilingual Education Programs serve students who have a language other than English in their homes and need help in learning English. English speaking students may also participate in Bilingual Education Programs to become proficient in two languages.

How will the Bilingual Education Program help my child? 

The Bilingual Education Program: 

  • Provides access to the state curriculum;
  • Teaches English to LEP students using appropriate  researched-based methods.
  • Helps build knowledge and learning of academic subjects in the first language and English.
  • Instills self-assurance, confidence and cultural pride in students.